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‘At the Table’ is our first collection, consisting of woven textiles for the table: tablecloths, placemats and napkins.​

We wanted to design a versatile collection, both suitable for everyday use and festive occasions.

Our design is inspired by traditional checkered tablecloths, but contrary to tradition, our maxi pattern fills the entire tablecloth. Our textiles are made from a unique cut of the maxi pattern. They are all one of a kind!

plain weavers_At the Table_Napkin_Vivid_
We design by hand

Our design process is a combination of sketches and handwoven samples. The design reflects our textile disciplines with an exploratory approach to color blending and weave structures.​ The collection is woven on our custom designed warp and the weft varies in colors, within three different color schemes; Gentle, Vivid and Warm. The warp and weft meet as a checkered maxi pattern.

plain weavers_At the Table_Napkin_Warm_W
plain weavers_At the Table_Tablecloth_Wa
Woven and sewn in Denmark

We care about the textiles we create and the industry we are part of. Our aim with the collection was to collaborate with the local textile industry. We wanted to make our textiles available to many without compromising on quality, craftsmanship and work conditions. That’s why we chose to work with Danish weaving mill Kjellerup Væveri.

plain weavers_At the Table_Tablecloth_Ge
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